These are all the travel essentials from amazon we must have with us when we go on a trip.

57 Amazon Travel Must Haves To Make Travel Easier In 2023

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Ready for some travel in 2023 but not sure if you have everything you need to make your trip as easy as possible? Here are the best Amazon travel must haves for a less stressful vacation wherever you’re headed.

What To Buy On Amazon For Traveling

Amazon is full of great gifts and gadgets for travel to help keep you organized, make traveling easier, and keep you and your things protected. Some of the tech items can get a little pricey, but most of the items are quite reasonably priced.

You don’t have to have Amazon Prime to order through Amazon, but the free shipping, easy returns, and digital library makes it well worth it.

📱 Amazon Travel Gadgets & Tech Must Haves

These are our top Amazon travel must haves for tech and gadgets that just make travel less boring, more organized, and much easier. The AirTags, Headphones, Tripod, and Nintendo Switch are our favorites.

1. AirTag

We’ve had some experience losing luggage or wallets while traveling and it is definitely no fun!

The Apple AirTags are so nice to have to give you that little extra peace of mind knowing where your things are, and you can even get them in keychains too.

2. Portable Charger

The suitcases we have that we love (Away Suitcases) come with portable chargers but if you’re looking for a good quality one for your next trip, the Anker Portable Charger is one of the best and highest rated ones out there.

3. Portable Speaker

We love taking our JBL Clip Portable Speaker with us when we travel especially for beach vacations.

It’s really small and easy to transport but the sound quality is really great, and you can easily clip it to hang it anywhere.

4. Extra Long Charging Cable

I always like to bring an Extra Long Charging Cable for my phone when traveling because you never know where the outlet plugs will be.

5. Electronics/Cord Organizer

If you’re bringing a number of electronics with you when you’re traveling, an Electronic and Cord Organizer Case is a great idea to help keep things together and in their place.

6. Universal Power Adapter

For international travel a power adapter is essential, and this Epicka Universal Travel Adapter is a great one to get for travel to more than 150 countries.

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

We both have pretty sensitive ears so we’ve tested out a lot of over the ear headphones only to return them soon after.

Although our ears do still get sore after a very extended amount of time, we love these Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones and the sound is super amazing in them.

8. Electronics Stand

This Electronics Folding Stand is great to have on the airplane to hold your phone, iPad, Nintendo Switch, and more.

If you prefer something more specific for your phone, this Universal in Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount is great to clip to the tray table to watch your phone hands free.

9. Phone/Go Pro Flexible Tripod

If you’re traveling by yourself or want to take pictures of your whole group, this Flexible Phone and Camera Tripod is perfect to stand up or wrap around something to get some great shots.

10. Nintendo Switch

If you get bored on the plane or just love video games, the Nintendo Switch is perfect for traveling.

My favorite games for the Switch are Mario Kart, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection, Lego Harry Potter, and FIFA.

I also prefer to have a standard video game Controller for the Switch because it’s much easier to hold.

11. Amazon Fire TV Stick

I prefer bringing my Amazon Fire TV Stick when traveling over signing in to various streaming apps on random tv’s in case I forget to sign out.

If you’re in a hotel, you’ll probably have to ask for the tv remote so you can switch to the HDMI that you put the Fire Stick into.

12. Portable Fan

Whether you’re traveling somewhere hot or you just get a little overheated in the night, having a Mini Handheld Portable Fan is great for traveling.

😴 Amazon Travel Must Haves For Sleep

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep when I’m in an unknown or uncomfortable place, so I will do pretty much anything I can to help get to and stay asleep while traveling.

Lack of sleep can cause more stress on the body and it’s just in general not good for us, especially when we’re trying to go out and explore the world around us.

Thankfully these Amazon travel must haves for sleep have helped give us a well rested and energy filled trip.

13. Travel Pillow

I always get neck and head aches from hotel pillows so I got this little travel memory foam pillow to sleep on and I love it!

It does take up a little bit of room in the suitcase but it does roll up for better storage and it is worth it because it helps me sleep so much more comfortably.

I also can not sleep with others snoring and ear plugs kill my ears so I got this 100% cotton baby blanket to bunch up over my head, and it really does dull the noise and make me feel all comfy and cozy.

14. Plane Pillow

We’ve seen a lot of people using these lately and although they’re kind of funny looking and awkward to blow up on the plane, everyone seems to love these inflatable airplane pillows especially for long flights.

15. Travel-Size Oil Diffuser

We love taking our oil diffuser with us when we travel not only to help make the room smell nice, but also to put in our favorite oils to help us sleep better.

Unfortunately a lot of the small travel diffusers don’t typically work great but although this one isn’t super tiny, this InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser is super popular and a great option for a smaller size.

We also love this Essential Oil Carrying Case to keep all the bottles safe while traveling.

16. Portable Himalayan Salt Lamp

In addition to cleaning the air, the amber light of salt lamps is great for calming the body and getting better sleep*.

This little Plug in Himalayan Salt Lamp is great for traveling and is also a nice little night light.

*The electrical lighting we’re exposed to before bed can disrupt melatonin, impacting sleep, but amber lights have been said to mimic the sunset, getting your body “ready for bed”.

17. Portable Door Lock

What does a door lock have to do with sleep?

Having this Portable Door Lock as a little extra step of security for your hotel room or vacation rental can really help give you peace of mind and let you get a good night sleep.

🛀 Amazon Bath & Body Travel Must Haves

Between the two of us, we could easily fill an entire suitcase with all of our bath and body products because we never know what we’re going to need and we want to be sure we have everything to make us feel at home.

These are a few of the Amazon bath and body travel must haves that we love to make our trips easier and more organized.

18. Toiletry Bag

Having all of your bath and beauty stuff together and organized in a toiletry bag makes for nice and easy travel.

We both have one of these Bagsmart Toiletry Bags and love them because they’re durable, water resistant, spacious, and easy to hang once you get where you’re going.

19. Shower Caddy

I love having these Shower Caddy Bags to carry my soap, shampoo, and conditioner into the shower and hopefully hang on something because I can’t stand setting my stuff on the shower or bathroom floor.

20. Travel Laundry Bags

The little plastic laundry bags that hotels give for dirty clothes are never big enough to fit everything.

I like to have Reusable Laundry Bags like these because they’re durable and won’t rip, I can fit all of my dirty clothes in them, and I can avoid using more plastic.

21. Travel Shoe Bags

Some people don’t mind putting their shoes right in their suitcase with all of their clothes and other things, but we definitely can not do that.

Travel Shoe Bags are the best to keep dirty shoes off everything and avoid using throw away plastic bags every time you travel.

22. Pill/Supplement Organizer

I have a lot of supplements I take and most pill organizers I found were too small to fit everything I needed, especially for a longer trip.

I found this AM/PM Daily Pill Organizer on Amazon and loved it so much that I got two more. It’s a little bit larger in size for travel but it’s good quality, BPA free, large, and durable.

23. Hair Clips

These aren’t super specific to travel but I feel like we always need a few hair clips while on a trip and these Large Hair Claw Clips are so amazing that I had to add them to the list.

24. Non-Toxic Teeth Whitening

Having bright and white teeth for all of the pictures we take on vacation is important but we also don’t want to use toxic and super unhealthy ingredients to make that happen.

I love these Lumineux Whitening Strips because they really work and they are so much healthier than the alternatives out there. You do have to use the box (7 uses) to see the difference but they do work.

25. Organic Chapstick

My lips get super chapped all the time but especially when I’m out in the sun, and Dr Bronners Organic Chapstick is the best I’ve found for a healthy option.

🚵 Active/Outdoor Travel Must Haves From Amazon

We love active and adventurous travel where we get to explore the beautiful nature around us. One of the best places we’ve visited for beautiful nature and incredible hikes was Colombia, especially in the Coffee Region.

If you want to go out and hike whatever destination you’re visiting but don’t know where any trails are, AllTrails has the best database for hiking, biking, or even rock climbing trails all over the world.

Below are some favorite travel must haves from Amazon for our active and outdoor trips.

These are the Amazon travel must haves for an active or adventurous outdoors trip.

26. GoPro Camera

A GoPro Camera is an essential travel item to have if you’re going on an adventurous and outdoors trip.

The GoPro Performance Chest Mount is also great to have to film hands free during activities.

27. Travel Binoculars

If you’re going to be somewhere viewing wildlife or maybe out on a Whale Watching Tour, having some good binoculars will make the experience even better.

These Occer Compact Binoculars are great options and are really nice for travel because of the small size.

28. Bike Phone Holder

If you’re planning to do some biking on your next trip, bringing along this Bike Phone Holder will make following directions much easier.

If you plan on bringing a lot of things with on your bike ride, this Foldable Bike Basket is perfect and water resistant.

29. CamelBak Hydration Pack

Hiking anywhere, but especially in hot climates, requires good hydration and the CamelBak Hydration Pack makes that super easy and hands free while hiking.

P.S. If you’re in Arizona, our favorite hike with the same name as the hydration pack is in Scottsdale at the Camelback Mountain Trail.

30. Yeti Water Bottle

Other than hiking, I prefer to have my Yeti Water Bottle with me because it keeps the water ice cold all day and I’m not a fan of drinking warm water.

31. Resistance Bands

If you’re used to working out and don’t want to fully give that up while traveling, these Resistance Bands are small and easy to take with you and great for getting some good leg workouts in.

32. Travel Foam Roller

This Travel Foam Roller might be a little large for packing in a suitcase on the plane, but if you’re traveling by car this is great to take with you to get some circulation going or work out your sore muscles.

33. Massage Ball

This Massage Ball works a lot better if you have someone to do it for you but either way it is great for knots and sore muscles.

If your feet get sore easily, I love this Fitballz Foot Roller Set and the spikey green one is actually my favorite for making my feet feel better.

34. Yoga/Exercise Mat

If you want to do some yoga or other exercises while on vacation, this Folding Travel Yoga Mat is perfect for taking with you wherever you go.

35. Velcro Ice Pack

In case of injury or just to help with general swelling, this Velcro Ice Pack is easy to take with you as long as you’ll have a freezer when you get where you’re going.

36. Travel Umbrella

If you’re traveling to some potentially rainy destinations, a good Travel Umbrella or a Rain Jacket will be essential.

🏖 Amazon Beach Vacation Must Haves

If you’re flying to your beach vacation, it’s not super easy to bring everything you want to have at the beach with you in your suitcase but below are some smaller, more travel-able beach must haves you can get from Amazon.

These are the best Amazon beach vacation must haves for your next trip in the sun and sand.

37. Beach Towel

Beach towels may be provided wherever you’re headed for a beach vacation but if not, these Sand Free Quick Dry Cotton Beach Towels are awesome and they’re super lightweight and fold up really small.

38. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Most of our phones are water proof or water resistant now but the Waterproof Phone Pouch makes it a lot easier to carry your phone out into the water with you.

39. Floating Wrist Strap

If you’re going out snorkeling at a coral reef or just riding around in a boat, it’s good to have your phones or cameras attached to a Floating Wrist Strap to keep them from falling to the bottom of the sea floor in case you drop them.

40. GoPro Float Hand Grip

If you have a GoPro, the Float Hand Grip is great for the same reason as above.

41. Beach/Seashell Bags

We spend a lot of time out at the Jupiter, Florida beaches (which have loads of seashells) and we always see tourists filling up their shirts or plastic grocery bags with seashells.

These Zipper Beach Seashell Bags make that a lot easier and we actually got some and used them when we went shark teeth hunting in Venice Beach, Florida.

42. Snorkeling Equipment

Most snorkel tours offer use of snorkel equipment but if you prefer using your own stuff like us, the Tusa Snorkel Masks are the best (just be sure to get the film off the lens).

You have to buy the tube separately but you can get a simple snorkel tube like I have or one of the elite snorkel tubes like my mom has.

43. Organic Non Toxic Reef Friendly Face Sunscreen

For the good of the marine life, others around you, and your own body, using a non toxic and reef friendly sunscreen is essential for a beach vacation.

I love this Juice Beauty Tinted Face Sunscreen because it’s organic and it doesn’t leave my face super white.

44. Organic Non Toxic Reef Friendly Sunscreen

Juice Beauty also has a Body Sunscreen that is also organic, non toxic, and reef friendly.

45. Red Flashlights

If you’re visiting somewhere like Jupiter where you can go out to the beach and search for sea turtles in the night, you’ll need to follow certain rules, one of which is using a dim light like a Red Flashlight to keep from disturbing the turtles.

🍉 Amazon Must Haves For Healthy/Allergy Friendly Travel Snacks

We have plenty more Healthy and Gluten Free snack ideas but below are just a few of the must haves on Amazon for travel.

46. Organic Snack Bar

The Truvani Only Bars are seriously the best tasting and the best for you bars that are perfect for taking with you while you travel.

My favorite are the chocolate flavored ones but my parents both love the peanut butter and chocolate ones the best.

47. Organic Quinoa Snack

These Organic Quinoa Snacks/Cereal are a hit or miss depending on your taste preferences, but I love them and I just eat them dry as a snack.

48. Portable Blender

Having a Portable Blender is really nice when traveling so you can make yourself some healthy smoothies while you’re on vacation.

49. Organic No-Oats Instant Oatmeal

This Organic No-Oat Oatmeal is really nice to have as a quick breakfast meal when you’re traveling and its easy to take with you.

50. Organic Beans

I love to take these Organic Black Beans with me while traveling so I can easily heat up a bowl of rice and beans topped with some organic avocado when I’m in need of a quick healthy meal.

51. Organic Vegan (Cane Sugar Free) Chocolate

The Hu Brand Chocolates are the best healthy and organic options for a sweet snack. These Chocolate Covered Cashews are some of our favorites.

🧳 A Few Other Travel Must Have Items

Below are a few of the last miscellaneous items on Amazon that are must haves for travel.

Wherever you're traveling and whatever you'll be doing, Amazon is sure to have some of the best items to make your trip easy and stress free.

52. Money Belt With RFID Protection

A Money Belt with RFID Protection is a must have while traveling to keep at least some of your valuables hidden.

53. Luggage Cup Holder

The Luggage Cup Holder is great for helping you stay organized in the airport.

We always like to head to Starbucks right away to get a large cup of ice water instead of paying so much for a bottle in the airport.

54. Luggage Scale

A Luggage Scale is also great to have with you to avoid finding out your bags are overweight when you’re at the counter in the airport.

55. Non Toxic Hand Sanitizer

Bringing along some good non toxic Hand Sanitizer is essential and this grapefruit one is our favorite.

They also have great hand wipes too.

56. Plane/Car Foot Hammock

We haven’t tried this Foot Hammock out yet, but lots of people are saying it is one of the best travel must haves for long flights or car rides.

57. Luggage Rack

And lastly, before you leave for your trip, these Luggage Racks make packing up your suitcases so much easier and much less painful on the back.

Wrap Up: Amazon Travel Must Haves

Amazon is full of the best travel must haves so wherever you are headed, you can be sure to find all the gifts and gadgets you need to make your trip smooth and stress free.