Gluten Free Pad Thai

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Pad Thai Recipe

Super Quick and Easy Gluten Free Pad Thai Recipe

At the top of our favorites list with Mexican cuisine, we love spicy Thai food but it can be really hard to find allergy friendly Thai food, especially one of our favorite dishes, soy free and gluten free Pad Thai. Usually with Pad Thai, restaurants use rice noodles that are gluten free, but it depends on whether or not they use soy sauce to make the Pad Thai, which is not gluten free and obviously not soy free. With our soy allergies, even if they use the Tamari gluten free soy sauce, we still can’t have it.

On top of trying to find allergy friendly Pad Thai, it is often very difficult to communicate our allergies with the restaurant. The language barrier doesn’t help with needing to 100% verify that the dish doesn’t contain any of our allergies. It’s one of our favorite cuisines, but it’s really hard to eat out in Thai or Asian restaurants.

We started trying to prepare our own dishes but it’s not that easy to get that perfect restaurant style flavor for most of these dishes. This quick and easy Pad Thai was a great surprise and was actually really tasty.

Keep reading to find the quick, easy, and travel friendly Gluten Free Pad Thai recipe.

*When we are at home we make as much of our own food as possible, avoiding packaged or processed items, but when we are traveling we can’t always do that. We try to remain as healthy as possible with these recipes while not stressing over every detail. It’s important for us to stay healthy, but it’s also important for us to continue to live and enjoy traveling.

Finding the right recipe

With multiple allergies it is pretty difficult for us to find allergy friendly Thai food so we started trying to figure out how to make it at home ourself, but with our preferred quick and easy recipes. We successfully made a super easy and amazingly tasty Panang Curry (recipe for that coming soon), but still haven’t figured out how to get that perfect Thai Fried Rice flavor yet (but we’ll keep trying!).

We used to have a got to restaurant that made soy free and gluten free Pad Thai, but when we moved to the east coast we couldn’t find any that didn’t contain soy. We really started missing and craving some good Pad Thai so we tried a few different homemade sauce recipes we found online. We followed the instructions very closely and tried more than one recipe, but they all took way to long, they made huge messes, and they really didn’t taste that great.

We were in our local Whole Foods store and decided to see if they had any pre-made sauces but the selection was really slim with only one option not containing soy. By process of elimination we decided to give the remaining sauce a try. It does have sunflower oil listed in the ingredients, which we usually stay away from, but for traveling and quick recipes we tried it.

We had to test it a few times before our tastebuds started to really like the flavor (not that it was bad, just different like most allergy friendly things). We’ve made the Pad Thai a few times with chicken, with shrimp and vegetables, and also Vegan with just the noodles, the sauce, and peanuts. We think that it tastes even better for leftovers after the sauce really soaks into the noodles while in the fridge.

It’s so easy for traveling because you can make it with as little as 3 or 4 ingredients and in its simplest form, it only takes about 10 minutes to make.

Gluten Free Pad Thai Ingredients

For the simple and Vegan version of this Pad Thai all you need is:

Explore Cuisine Organic Brown Rice Pad Thai Noodles – We tried a few different noodle brands but we prefer really thin noodles, so these have been the best for us. They have a few different noodle types so make sure you get the Pad Thai ones (we accidentally got the Pho noodles once but we didn’t like them as much as the Pad Thai ones for this recipe). Our Whole Foods doesn’t carry them, but we found them at Sprouts and they are also on Amazon.

Watcharee’s Pad Thai Sauce – It does have Sunflower Oil, which we normally avoid, but was the only option without soy.

Thai Pepper Flakes – If you like your Pad Thai spicy, adding some Thai Pepper Flakes are the best. Be careful because just a few flakes can make it quite spicy.

Organic Peanuts

Some other options to add to the Pad Thai:

Chicken – The easiest while traveling is the Whole Foods Organic Rotisserie Chicken from the prepared foods section.


Vegetables: Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Onions, Carrots

Cilantro On Top – It sounds a little weird but it actually tastes really good.

Lime – Add some lime juice over the top of the Pad Thai.


We use one full pack of Noodles and the full jar of Pad Thai Sauce when we make this recipe. This should make about 4 servings, depending on how hungry you are. It’s really good for leftovers once the sauce really soaks into the noodles.

You’ll need a stove and a pot to make the noodles, and a pan or pot to cook any of the vegetables or meat you want to add.

Follow Pad Thai Noodle directions on the package – Very simple instructions and takes only about 5 minutes to cook.

Drain the Noodles once they’re finished cooking – We don’t like it very watery so we drain them really well.

Pour the whole jar of Pad Thai Sauce in with the noodles and mix it around – if you like it less liquid-y, use less sauce.

Add some Thai Pepper Flakes to make it spicy – We really like it spicy so we usually put in a few pinches of flakes, but it’s better to add less and test it before making too spicy to eat.

You can eat the Pad Thai right away or wait for it to soak in more to the noodles – That’s why we like it best for leftovers after being in the fridge.

Add some peanuts, cilantro, and/or lime on top and enjoy!

Storing the Leftovers

Again, we love these Pad Thai noodles more for seconds than we do fresh. They taste great once the sauce has soaked into the noodles after sitting in the fridge overnight. We usually don’t eat leftovers past a day or two but depending on what you put in them (chicken or shrimp) they could last a little longer in the fridge.

This recipe is such a quick and easy way to make Pad Thai and we think it tastes really amazing for how simple it is. As long as you have a stove where you are staying, it is a perfect quick meal to make while you are traveling. We hope you enjoy this Gluten Free Pad Thai as much as we do, and let us know if you try it or think of anything else tasty to add to it!

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