Sedona is one of the most popular day trips to take from Scottsdale and it's not too far away.

How Far Is Sedona From Scottsdale? (+ Activities, Tours, & More In 2023)

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Sedona is one of the most popular day trips to take from Scottsdale, but how far is it exactly, how can you get there, and what is there to do once you get there?

The first time we lived in Scottsdale, Arizona, I always thought that there was nothing close to us, no ocean nearby, and no other large cities around, but after moving away only to return a few years later, I realized there are a ton of great day trip destinations to visit within a reasonable amount of time of Scottsdale.

Sedona is one of those close by destinations that is really easy to get to and has a lot of great outdoor activities to experience.

How Far Is Sedona From Scottsdale, Arizona?

No matter what route you take, Sedona is just a few minutes over 2 hours from Scottsdale, and between 125 and 130 miles. Sedona is located almost directly north of Scottsdale so the further north you are staying in Scottsdale, the shorter the drive up to Sedona.

Sedona is an easy day trip to take from Scottsdale but it is also a good halfway point between Scottsdale and the Grand Canyon.

Is Sedona Worth The Drive From Scottsdale?

There is definitely plenty to see and do within the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas during a vacation but if you love the outdoors, Sedona is definitely worth the drive up from Scottsdale.

Why Is Sedona Arizona So Special?

The red rock mountains and desert landscape in Sedona is very different from the desert down in Scottsdale, which is one of the main attractions to Sedona. The outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or Jeep riding also make Sedona a special place to visit for nature lovers.

Ways To Get To Sedona From Scottsdale, Arizona

Sedona is only about two hours from Scottsdale and it is most easily visited with a car. But if you don’t have a car or don’t want to rent one, there are other ways to visit Sedona.

Are There Shuttles From Scottsdale To Sedona?

There are private shuttles and public transportation available to take you from Scottsdale to Sedona.

For public transportation, you’ll typically have to make it to the airport and then from there make your way to Sedona. It will also take significantly longer with public transportation and will pretty much eliminate the possibility of visiting Sedona on a day trip.

Are There Tours From Scottsdale To Sedona?

The easiest way to visit Sedona on a day trip without a car is definitely on a tour. There are plenty of Sedona tours from Scottsdale available and there are even some that include both Sedona and the Grand Canyon from Scottsdale.

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Sedona is such a beautiful nature destination and a must see if you're a nature lover.

Is Sedona Closer To Flagstaff Or Phoenix?

Sedona is located between 116 and 118 miles from Phoenix and only 29 miles from Flagstaff. Sedona is located much closer to Flagstaff than it is to Phoenix but if you’re flying in from another state, Phoenix is the easiest city to start from.

What Airport Do You Fly Into To Get To Sedona?

Flagstaff is located much closer to Sedona than Phoenix and although they do have an airport in Flagstaff, it is typically much easier and cheaper to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

How To Get Around Sedona?

Do You Need A Car To Get Around Sedona?

If you are not driving yourself up to Sedona, there are still a few different options for you to get around town without a car. It is definitely easier to drive to the location of hikes or other attractions but you don’t absolutely need to have a car.

Are There Taxi’s Or Uber’s In Sedona?

Uber and Taxi Services do technically exist in Sedona but there is not an abundant amount of drivers so you may have to book well in advance to secure a ride.

Is The Sedona Shuttle Free?

Sedona does offer a shuttle service that is completely free and will take you from two different Park and Ride lots to some of the towns popular hiking trails. This can be a great option even if you do have a car to avoid busy parking lots at the actual trail sites.

Is Sedona A Walkable Town?

The Main Street area of Sedona is walkable and you can walk from the far north end to the far south end in less than 30 minutes. You may also be able to find some bike rentals around town but be careful of unfocused drivers looking at the mountains and the town rather than paying attention to the road.

The best outdoor activity to do in Sedona is hiking to get closer to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

Are There Tours From Sedona?

Once you are in Sedona you can find a number of other tours once you are in the town or by booking online ahead of time. A lot of tours include transportation and there are even some day trip tours available from Sedona to places like the Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon.

➡️ Day Trip Tours From Sedona

Can You Do A Day Trip To Sedona From Scottsdale?

Sedona is one of the most popular day trips from Scottsdale and it can easily be done in just one day. But if you are interested in continuing north to the Grand Canyon or other destinations in Arizona, you may want to spend at least one night in Sedona to see what you want before heading north.

How Much Time Do I Need In Sedona?

We’ve mostly visited Sedona for a few hours on our way up to the Grand Canyon but it would be best visited on its own day trip to have time to go on a hike or two.

There are almost 200 hiking trails to choose from, so depending on the length and difficulty of the hikes you choose, you might be able to get a few in on a day trip.

If you want to take some day trip tours from Sedona up to places like the Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon (instead of driving yourself up north), you’ll definitely need a few extra nights in Sedona.

How To Spend A Day In Sedona 🥾🏜

People visit Sedona for various reasons but for us, Sedona is a great outdoor nature hiking destination.

Spending time outdoors is the best thing to do in Sedona and there are also some great day trips you can take from Sedona as well.

Most trails in Arizona are completely free to hike but there are some that require a parking/entrance fee into the park.

Can You Just Drive Through Sedona?

If you’re heading up to the Grand Canyon or some other destination in northern Arizona and don’t have time to stop, you can just take the scenic drive through Sedona and see some of the beautiful scenery.

The Red Rock Scenic Byway (Highway 179) only takes about 20 minutes to drive straight through but along it you’ll see lots of the beautiful scenery that makes Sedona famous.

Do You Have To Pay To Enter Sedona?

There is no fee to enter the town of Sedona and there is plenty of free parking available around the town. There are some hiking trails that require the Red Rock Pass when you park your car at the site but the daily fee is only $5.

Is It Free To Hike In Sedona?

Aside from the Red Rock Pass for parking at certain sites, the actual trails in Sedona are completely free to hike.

A majority of trails throughout Arizona are completely free to hike, including the famous Camelback Hike in Scottsdale if you’re interested in checking it out before heading up to Sedona.

What Is The Most Popular Hike In Sedona?

There are a number of popular hikes in Sedona including the Devils Bridge Trail (3.9 miles, 1 hour 39 minutes, moderate difficulty), the Cathedral Rock Trail (1.2 miles, 1 hour 8 minutes, hard difficulty), and the West Fork of Oak Creek Trail (6.5 miles, 2 hours 26 minutes, moderate difficulty).

Can You Hike Sedona In Sneakers?

Technically you can go out to hike in sneakers but you should be sure that your sneakers have good traction. The dirt and gravel combined with the red rocks makes the terrain quite slippery.

Is Antelope Canyon In Sedona?

Antelope Canyon is not located in Sedona and it is actually another three hours to the north, just below the Utah border. However, it is such a popular place to visit that there are Antelope Canyon day trip tours from Sedona available.

The Best Day Trips From Sedona

There are a number of places you can easily visit from Sedona on day trips including historical sites like the Montezuma Castle National Monument, towns like Flagstaff, Prescott, or Jerome, and of course visit one of the natural wonders of the world at the Grand Canyon.

These are easy to visit on your own or you can skip the planning and driving, and go on a tour instead.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Sedona?

🌸 The busy season and most popular time to visit Sedona is during the Spring when the temperatures are very pleasant and perfect for spending time outdoors.

Since it is the most popular time to visit, it is also the most expensive time to visit.

Winter in Sedona can get quite cold but summers also get pretty hot, so spring is the ideal time to visit for the best weather.

☀️❄️ Sedona does get hot summer days (not quite as bad as Scottsdale) that can reach the 100s, and during the winter it can get cold and Sedona does get snow.

These are typically the seasons many visitors avoid, but that does make it the cheaper time to visit (especially during December, January, and February).

What Kind Of Food Is Sedona Known For?

Sedona gets lots of visitors so they do have a pretty decent variety of food for such a small town. They don’t have quite as many healthy and allergy friendly restaurants as Scottsdale, but there are still some good choices.

One of the most popular allergy friendly places to eat that has locations in Scottsdale and one in Sedona is Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen. Other options include Local Juicery, Conscious Meals, and Karen’s Gluten Free Bakeshop.

There is also a Whole Foods and a Natural Grocers in Sedona as well as the local natural goods store Interdependence Natural Foods.

Where To Stay In Sedona?

The two areas to choose to stay in Sedona are Uptown or West Sedona. They are not that far apart, it’s only about an 8 minute drive between the two, but if you’re visiting without a car, it is a bit too far to walk.

Uptown is the more touristy, Main Street, vacation part of town with popular hotels like the Matterhorn Inn, El Portal Sedona Hotel, and Whispering Creek Bed & Breakfast.

West Sedona is the more local part of town, closer to some of those allergy friendly restaurants and grocery stores like Whole Foods, and has popular hotels like the Adobe Grand Villas, A Sunset Chateau, and Casa Sedona Inn.

Wrap Up: How Far Is Sedona From Scottsdale

Sedona is a beautiful nature and outdoor destination that is not too far from Scottsdale and perfect for a day trip, on your way up to the Grand Canyon, or as a weekend getaway. There are more than 200 hiking trails in the area so you can easily spend the day or a week exploring the beauty of the Sedona Red Rocks.