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Is Uber Safe In Mexico In 2022?

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Traveling to Mexico and wondering if Uber exists here or is even a safe form of transportation?

To answer your question, yes Uber is available in over 60 cities throughout Mexico and yes it is generally safe and one of the best forms of transportation here, but there are a few more details and safety tips you should know before taking your trip to Mexico.

Is Uber Safe In Mexico?

Mexico City is one of our favorite places to visit and we’ve had the chance to travel back there multiple times over the last few years. We’ve also recently been able to visit Cancun/Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, and we always love to use Uber in each city we visit in Mexico.

Mexico City is one of our favorite cities to visit around the world.

We’ve also taken rides in taxi’s, traveled by bus and even rode the Metro, but Uber is always the safest and easiest option for us.

You should practice normal precautions like you would anywhere in the world, but Uber should be a safe option for transportation throughout Mexico, except for a few small locations and situations (more details on this below).

Details & Tips To Make Uber Safe In Mexico

Similar to some other countries around the world, Uber exists in Mexico but isn’t always loved by local taxi or transportation services. Many airports throughout Mexico won’t allow Uber to pickup passengers and even some hotels or resorts have similar rules.

Meeting Edson Alvarez and Agustin Marchesin at Club America's training facility.

However, Uber is still a great option that is usually very safe in most cities but to be as safe as possible, you can find some safety tips below to help you during your travels in Mexico.

1. Confirm The Name And License Plate

As your Uber pulls up, be sure to double check that the license plate matches in your Uber app.

And when you are confirming their name, make sure not to ask them “is your name Juan?”. Ask them what their name is (“Como te llamas”, “Como se llama” or “Cual es tu nombre”) and let them give you their name so you can check that it matches in your app.

2. Share The Ride With A Friend Back Home

Most phone plans within the US now include Mexico, so they should include data as well. Once you get a ride, be sure to select the “share trip” button so someone back home can follow along and know where you are.

3. Follow Along In Your App

After you share the ride with family or a friend, make sure to follow along in your app to know that the driver is going the right way or going at all.

In another country I’ve heard about ride sharing drivers cancelling the ride after you get in the car so there’s no trace and they can get more money from you or even take you to the ATM. Being aware and paying attention to your ride is important to making you as safe as possible.

4. Only Ride With High Rated Drivers

Although you may be charged a cancellation fee (check Uber for more details), it is better to cancel a ride with a driver that has few rides or low ratings.

Of course, being rated high doesn’t mean the drivers will be perfect but you’ll have a better chance with them than with the others.

5. Double Check That The Ride Was Ended

This is probably the most common scam among Uber or other ride share drivers and we have experienced it here in Mexico.

Once you exit the Uber car, the drivers will keep the ride going on their phone so it continues to charge you for the ride. Just be sure to pay attention to this and contact support right away if you notice this happening.

6. Don’t Wait For An Uber Alone

Especially at night, don’t wait for an Uber in an isolated area. Even if you have someone with you, there have been instances of Uber drivers sending your location to their friends so they can come by and steal from you.

Try to keep to busier, more touristy areas where there are plenty of people around. You may have to communicate with your driver to let them know exactly where you are in the crowd of people but that’s much better than being an easy target somewhere alone.

7. Upgrade Your Uber If It’s Late Or Busy

One thing we’ve done on multiple occasions at either the Lucha Libre in Mexico City or leaving the Club América game at Estadio Azteca, is upgrade our Uber because it is usually late and very busy.

We’ve noticed that the Uber drivers get to us much quicker, leaving us waiting on the street for a lot less time. It is well worth the extra cost to upgrade your Uber when it is late or busy.

After watching Lucha Libre, we took an Uber X because it was the best safe option from this part of town.

Where Are Ubers Available In Mexico?

Uber is available in over 60 cities throughout Mexico. Some of the most traveled cities in Mexico where Uber is available are Cancun, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Merida, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Puerto Vallarta San Luis Potosí and Tijuana.

You can find the full list of cities in Mexico by checking Uber’s site here.

How Much Is Uber In Mexico?

Prices vary depending on what city you’re in, how far you’re going and whether or not it’s peak hours. Either way Uber is quite cheap all throughout Mexico and usually cheaper and definitely safer than taxi’s.

For example, one of the more expensive routes you might find in Mexico City is going from the airport to the city center, and even that should be $10 at the most.

Should You Tip On Uber In Mexico?

Tipping is common in Mexico and somewhat expected. We always like to be kind to the people serving us especially when we are representing the US in another country.

Unless the driver was really awful (late, smelly car, slow, etc.), if you just give an extra 10 pesos that’s only about $0.50. If you get a great driver and want to be extra kind to them, leaving them an extra 30 pesos is only $1.50.

Are Taxi’s As Safe As Uber In Mexico?

Taxi’s in Mexico are notoriously known as being an unsafe form of transportation especially for foreigners and it is usually more expensive than Uber. We never recommend hailing a cab from the street but if you absolutely have to use a taxi, we recommend following these suggestions:

🚕 Have your hotel or restaurant call in the taxi and help confirm that it is the correct one once it arrives.

🚕 Get a taxi from one of the certified taxi stands from places like the airport or a transportation terminal.

Is The Metro In Mexico As Safe As Uber?

I’ve only ridden the Metro one time in Mexico City with a group of people who were from Mexico City but besides the issue of the common pickpocketers, I do not recommend using the Metro for the following reasons:

🚉 It is dirty and kind of smelly.

🚉 It is extremely crowded especially at rush hour.

🚉 You have to squeeze into the Metro cars with hundreds of people.

🚉 The amount of people make it very difficult to keep an eye on your things or even feel if someone is digging in your pocket.

🚉 It might be cheap and fairly quick, but it’s extremely uncomfortable and fairly dangerous.

There are dangerous parts of Mexico City so you want to be sure to choose the right area to stay.

Is Driving In Mexico As Safe As Using Uber?

Driving in Mexico is definitely not as safe as using Uber and is not something we recommend. If you’re driving within a large city like Mexico City, it has very heavy traffic and traffic rules are not closely followed by drivers.

If you are trying to drive in between cities within Mexico (like Mexico City and Guadalajara), this has always been known as a very unsafe way to travel because of the possibility of getting pulled over and robbed, car jacked or even kidnapped.

In this case, flying is a much better option or some of the bus transportation systems are a safe way to travel (we went from Mexico City to Puebla by bus and thought it was great).

Is Uber Safe In Mexico City?

When we are in Mexico City, Uber is our favorite way to get around the city because it is generally very safe, cheap and easy. However there are a few instances where we sometimes prefer something other than Uber in Mexico City:

⚽️ Going to Club América soccer games is one of our favorite things to do in Mexico City and although using Uber to get to the game is super easy, usually after the game it is late and very hard to find and get an Uber. We have had a private car for hire in the past that knew exactly where to pick us up, but you can also upgrade your Uber to have a better and quicker ride.

✈️ The Mexico City airport is pretty chaotic and busy all the time so we prefer to either get a private transfer or walk through the airport to the connected Courtyard Marriott and request an Uber ride from there.

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🛕 The pyramids of Teotihuacán are about an hour outside of Mexico City and although it can be done by either Uber or the bus system, taking a tour is a lot easier and usually includes additional stops like the Basilica de Guadalupe or Tlatelolco.

➡️ For the best Teotihuacán tour from Mexico City, we recommend booking here with the Teotihuacan, Tlatelolco, Guadalupe Shrine and Tequila Tasting Tour.

Is Uber Safe In Cancun, Mexico?

Uber is technically available in Cancun (except from the airport) but it is not a very safe option in this city in Mexico due to the extremely aggressive and angry Taxi drivers. We recommend avoiding both Uber and Taxi’s in this area and instead going with tours or private transfers.

✈️ If you are flying into Cancun and staying in either Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, check out these private transfer options below.

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🌊🛕 The most popular areas to tour around Cancun are Chichen Itza, Cenotes, Tulum Ruins and Reef Snorkeling. Some of these can be reached by bus, but the easiest way to see them is on a tour.

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Is Uber Safe In Monterrey, Mexico?

Uber is very active and generally safe in Monterrey but as with other locations in Mexico, getting picked up from the airport is usually the most difficult situation when it comes to Uber.

It is possible to be picked up from the airport in Monterrey but Uber drivers will likely call you ahead of time to instruct you to act more like a friend and even sit in the front seat once they arrive.

Is There Uber In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico & Is It Safe?

Uber does operate in Los Cabos but it is not allowed at the airport or certain resorts for picking up (you can get dropped off though). Unfortunately both taxi’s and hotel services tend to outrageously gouge tourists to use their services. Booking a private transfer is much better if you are in a group because the price per person could be as low as $12.

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Uber was the easiest and best safe option after visiting the Cholula Pyramid just outside of Puebla.

Wrap Up: Is Uber Safe In Mexico

Although there are a few details and tips you should follow, using Uber in Mexico is generally a great, safe option and is often much cheaper than the alternatives. Be aware and cautious as you would anywhere else in the world, but enjoy your time in this fantastic country!