Playing Pickup Soccer on a sunny Florida day.

Where To Find Pickup Soccer Miami And Fort Lauderdale 2022

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Looking for a way to get some outdoor exercise or play a game of pickup soccer in the Miami area? As somewhat newer locals to the area, we quickly found out the issues between soccer players and the state of Florida.

Although it is a very popular sport here, trying to find a free pickup soccer game in Miami or any other South Florida city is not the easiest due to parks prohibiting the beautiful game. You can still find pickup games but unfortunately, the majority of them are pay to play.

Where To Play Pickup Soccer In Miami

Almost all of Miami’s advertised pickup games take place on turf fields and prohibit the use of cleats. They generally have a cost to play and many of them are played at night.

1. Morningside Co-ed Soccer For Fun!

One of the few outdoor morning pickup games, Morningside is a co-ed group open to all levels that plays on the Upper East Side of Miami along the bay on Saturday mornings.

You can find them here on Meetup, but once you get on there you’ll see that they organize their games through WhatsApp.

Beautiful and colorful Biscayne Bay in Miami.

2. Miami International Co-ed Soccer

Miami International Co-ed is a pickup group that plays on the Southwest side of Miami. The two parks they generally use are Kendall Soccer Park and Golazo.

They play most nights in the evening and charge between $10 to $13 per game (be sure to follow their instructions on how to pay). The games are open for any skill level, from beginner to advanced, and you can find their games here on Meetup.

3. Just Play Soccer Pickup Miami

Just Play is an app that shows pickup games in various cities. You can download their app to find their Miami pickup games or see their two Meetup pages for Miami here or here.

Their games are open to anyone with any skill level and generally charge $10 per game. Their current games listed are located north of downtown, one of which is near Wynwood.

One of the pickup soccer games in Miami is near the Wynwood Walls area.

4. Plei App Miami

Plei is another app that connects players to pickup games in various cities. You can download their app to find Miami games or see their Meetup page here.

Their game times, game types and locations vary, but currently they have games available in southwest Miami, Wynwood, Brickell, Pembroke Pines, North Miami Beach and more. Costs generally range from $9 to $11.

5. Miami Soccer Meetup

Miami Soccer Meetup is a facility with both field rentals and pickup soccer games. They are located in south Miami, not too far from the University of Miami.

If you have your own group, field rentals are $100 per hour. To join a pickup game, the cost is $10 (you have to be in the WhatsApp group chat for pickup games). Parking is free and you can find them on their site or the Meetup site.

6. Nacion Rosa Y Negro

Nacion Rosa Y Negro is a supporter group for the MLS soccer team, Inter Miami. On Thursday nights they have a pickup soccer game located in Pembroke Pines for all skill levels. You can find them on Meetup.

The supporter section of Inter Miami.

Where To Play Pickup Soccer In Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale and Miami kind of mesh together so you may find another pickup game that works for you a little north of Miami. Keep in mind that traffic is pretty heavy in South Florida so it may take longer than it looks to get to a game.

7. North Broward Soccer Group

North Broward is a group offering pickup games for all adults in the Coconut Creek area (this is north of Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach).

Their games are held at Sabal Pines Park, the cost is $5 and are held in the evenings. You can find them here on Meetup.

8. Broward Soccer Pick Up Group

Broward Soccer is another one of the rare pickup games played in the mornings. Their games are held on Sunday mornings at Firefighters Park, west of Pompano Beach. All skill levels are welcome and you can find them here on Meetup.

Playing some pickup soccer with iguanas in the Miami Florida area.

9. Fort Lauderdale Soccer

Fort Lauderdale Soccer is a casual group open to all skill levels, co-ed and anyone over 21 years old. They play at Holiday Park just north of downtown and the airport. You can find their group here on Meetup.

10. Plei App Broward

Plei App Broward is the same as above but for the Broward County area. You can download their app to find games or see their Meetup page here. They currently have games in the Pembroke Pines and South Broward areas and they charge $9 to play.

11. Womens SABR Soccer Pickup

If you’re going to be around for a while and looking to play with women, the Womens SABR Soccer Pickup plays weekly in the evenings and has an annual fee of $75. They play in the Boca Raton area, north of Fort Lauderdale.

Free Pickup Soccer In Palm Beach County

If you’re heading up to the West Palm Beach area or don’t mind driving a little north of Miami or Fort Lauderdale, there is a completely free, open to anyone, just to have fun pickup soccer group in south Palm Beach County.

The group started because of the extreme difficulty finding a free place to play and has been able to continue going over the last few years. They typically play in the Boynton Beach, Lake Worth or Palm Springs area on Saturday mornings.

Pickup Futbol/Soccer Palm Beach County

The palm beach county pickup soccer group located a little north of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

If you are visiting the Palm Beach area and are looking for other cheap or free things to do, you can check out our other post with more than 35 Cheap And Free Things To Do In Palm Beach County.

Apps Or Sites To Find Pickup Soccer Games in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

There are some pickup up games in South Florida that you have to know someone to know where and when to go. They do things strictly through WhatsApp and often are held at colleges or universities.

That obviously doesn’t work for those that are new to the area or are just looking for a game to join while they’re on vacation. Although you may have to pay, fortunately there are a good number of advertised games on certain sites and apps.

You can search for pickup games on these Apps or Sites:

⚽️ Meetup

⚽️ Plei

⚽️ Endalgo

⚽️ Just Play

⚽️ Celebreak

⚽️ Facebook Groups

Why Do You Have To Pay To Play Pickup Soccer In Miami?

In most places I’ve lived or traveled, I’ve been able to find plenty of free pickup soccer games to join. But here in Florida, it is very hard to find free pickup games, so why is that?

After creating a group myself, I learned that Florida parks (state, county or city) generally do not like soccer players because of the damage they do to the grass. So they prohibit (and strictly enforce) soccer players from using any open fields, even if it’s just a patch of grass without goals or lines.

If you are able to find a park that will let you rent out their field without liability insurance (because everyone that plays pickup knows it’s play at your own risk), they still charge a pretty high price per hour. Because most of us aren’t capable of taking on all the costs ourselves, group organizers charge players to play for the cost of the field (not to mention the cost to advertise the group on a site like Meetup).

Just so you have an idea, Meetup charges $100 every 6 months, and the lowest park rental I ever found was $25 per hour. If you add all that up, playing for 2 hours every week for 6 months would cost about $1,300 and that doesn’t even include goals or balls.

I’d love to have my own field in South Florida where I could allow anyone to play for free but for now, you’ll likely have to pay to play in the South Florida area.

What’s The Weather Like In Miami?

If you’re visiting from out of state or just moved to the area, it’s important to be prepared to play soccer in South Florida weather.

🌤 The nicest weather you’ll get is in the Winter and Spring. Temperatures usually don’t go below 60 or go much higher than the mid 80s. These are also the seasons with the least amount of rain.

⛈ During the Summer and Fall months, South Florida gets the most amount of rain (sometimes everyday) as well as occasional hurricanes or tropical storms. A lot of games will still take place in the rain, unless they’re held at a facility that will shut things down because of liability reasons.

🥵 When it’s not raining in the Summer, July and August get real hot and humid and will definitely leave you dripping after just a few minutes of soccer in the sun. It feels kind of like a sauna and it is very important to drink lots of water while you play.

Other Pickup Sports In Miami

If you want to find something other than soccer to play in the Miami area, you can use the Meetup site to search for lots of other sports or outdoor activities in the city. There are lots of other sports and active groups you can find ranging from skating to scuba diving to pickleball.

Wrap Up: Pickup Soccer In Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Although you can not find many free pickup soccer games in Miami, you can still find a good number of paid to play games in the area. The further north you go the cheaper it gets but regardless you’ll be able to get some exercise, have fun and play a game of soccer.