Soccer games are the best thing to do in Mexico City to experience the culture.

A Guide To Soccer Games In Mexico City 2023 (Teams, Tips & How To Go)

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If you’re planning a trip to Mexico City, you might be wondering if soccer games are worth adding to your busy itinerary in this south of the border city?

I can assure you that soccer in Mexico City is one of the best experiences you can have in the country and it is well worth your time. Our first ever visit to Mexico City included a soccer game after which we fell in love with the sport and have returned multiple times to the city just for the soccer.

Because we think this is the best thing to do in CDMX, we put together this guide to help you with everything you need to know about going to the games, how to get there, what teams play there, how to get tickets, safety tips, stadiums and more.

When Is Soccer Season In Mexico City?

Aside from unusual circumstances like the World Cup, the Liga MX schedule has two seasons, the Apertura and the Clausura.

📆 The opening season (apertura) typically starts in late July and lasts until early December. Playoffs start immediately after and last about a month or so.

📆 The closing season (clausura) typically starts in early January and lasts until early May. Playoffs again start immediately after and last about a month.

During these months, there should be at least one game happening within Mexico City every weekend and possibly one game during the week. If it doesn’t matter what team you want to watch, you can pick any available game during your visit but if you want the best team, we think you should choose Club América 🦅.

Soccer games in Mexico City are one of the best ways to experience the culture of Mexico.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Mexico City For Soccer Games?

Mexico City has pretty awesome weather year round, not getting too hot or too cold because of the high altitude of 7,300 feet above sea level. Going to a game any time of year within the soccer season should be great.

The only season you might consider avoiding is the rainy season, from June through November, because these rain storms typically do not stop soccer games so it is possible to get soaked if you don’t have a poncho or rain jacket. But this time of year also has some really great events in Mexico City (like Independence Day or Day of the Dead) so it is entirely up to you.

What Soccer Teams Play In Mexico City?

After randomly choosing a Club América game during our first visit to Mexico City, we fell in love with the team and have become huge fans. But if one of their games doesn’t fit in with your schedule, there are two other top league teams that play in Mexico City plus an additional three that play in cities within 1 hour of Mexico City.

🏆 Club América is currently the top winning team in Mexico with 13 League Titles, 6 Copa Mexico Titles, 7 CONCACAF Titles and the most fans with more than 10 million. Their home stadium is Estadio Azteca, although it will undergo remodeling starting in 2023.

🏆 The Cruz Azul fans are big haters of Américanistas and that goes back decades to a close final that Cruz Azul fans say América stole from them (América just scored in the last minute and won the tournament). Azul is currently borrowing Estadio Azteca as their home, and they have won 9 League Titles.

🏆 Pumas fans are also not big fans of Club América and to be honest, most teams hate Club América which is why their slogan translates to “Hate Me More”. Pumas have won 7 League Titles but their last win was over a decade ago. Pumas home stadium is the Estadio Olímpico Universitario.

🏆 When the Mexico National Team plays, they also play in Mexico City and use Estadio Azteca as their home stadium.

Club America is the best team in the Mexican league and they have more championship titles than any other team in Mexico.

Where To Watch Soccer Games In Mexico City

🏟 Estadio Azteca is one of the largest stadiums in the world and seats almost 90,000 fans. The stadium itself is a site to see in Mexico City and you can tour it for less than $10. However, the stadium is going to be remodeled starting in 2023 to host the 2026 World Cup.

🏟 Estadio Azulgrana is a smaller stadium in the city, home to the second division team Atlante FC, but it is the possible substitute stadium for Club América and Cruz Azul for when Estadio Azteca goes under construction.

🏟 Estadio Olímpico Universitario is one of the oldest stadiums in Mexico (circa 1952) and it is part of the UNAM University (the Pumas team is part of the University but players are not university students).

➡️ If you just want a quick glimpse of Estadio Azteca with stops to UNAM, Coyoacan and Xochimilco, we recommend booking a tour here with Teo Mexico Tours.

The Estadio Azteca is a site to see in Mexico City even if you don't want to go to any soccer games. You can tour the stadium, which is one of the largest in the world.

How To Go To Soccer Games In Mexico City

Mexico is one of the best soccer destinations in the world, and the large metropolitan area of Mexico City is the best place in the country to experience it.

Even if you aren’t much of a soccer fan, going to a game is one of the best ways to experience Mexican culture while one vacation here. Plus, when a stadium full of fans goes nuts after their team scores, it’s really hard to not join in and get excited.

Soccer is so much more than just a game and it is a must see in Mexico.

How Do You Get Soccer Tickets In Mexico City

Where and how you buy tickets depends on the game you are wanting to attend.

If the home team is playing an easier, bottom of the league team, you should be fine buying tickets at the gate just before the game starts (but still get there early because there will be a line). This is what we did for the first game we went to and the tickets were 100 pesos each or about $5 each.

Watching one of the best soccer games with Club America and Chivas at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

Big rivalry games and high competition games will obviously have tickets in much higher demand so cost and purchase locations will differ. For Club América, their biggest rivals are Chivas from Guadalajara so these games typically sell out and tickets cost significantly more.

We went to this Clásico game a couple of years ago and had to purchase our tickets in advance through StubHub and pick them up from a hotel the day before the game. Tickets were about $100 each but this exciting game was well worth the extra cost.

And of course playoff or championship games will have to be purchased ahead of time and they will cost a bit more as well.

Mexico National Team tickets will depend on whether or not it is a friendly or tournament game (which you’d want to get in advance).

How Much Is A Soccer Game Ticket In Mexico City

The cost of tickets for soccer games in Mexico City will vary based on the teams playing, the seats, the day of the game and the level of the game.

Tickets to regular season weekday games with a bottom of the league team will be the cheapest options out there for games in Mexico. You should be able to find tickets for these games around 100 to 300 pesos or somewhere between $5 and $15.

And of course the closer and better the seat, the higher the price.

Bigger rivalry games, playoffs or championships will drastically increase the price of tickets but these games tend to be more exciting and super fun so they are worth the price. We spent around $100 per ticket for a huge rivalry game in Mexico City and had a blast.

How Do I Get To Estadio Azteca?

Getting to Estadio Azteca before a game is fairly easy and although you can take various forms of public transportation, we recommend using private or ride share services to and from the stadium because they are the best and most safe forms of transportation in Mexico.

From the Zocalo/Historic Center to Estadio Azteca, a ride share should be somewhere between $8 and $12. So they are fairly cheap, safe and the simplest way to get to the stadium (since you don’t have to worry about directions).

When leaving the stadium, it is very important to be aware of your surroundings and careful with transportation. It is usually late in the evening and very busy so we’ve found upgrading our Uber to be the best solution for a quick and secure ride. Prices will cost significantly more after a game and usually have surge prices applied.

Safety Tips For Soccer Games In Mexico City

➡️ Stadiums have the usual no weapons, no fireworks, etc. but some additional items that aren’t allowed in the stadiums include belts, food or drinks, smoking (although many still smoke inside the stadium), balls, selfie sticks, bottles, frisbees, drones, laser pointers, noise makers, umbrellas and backpacks.

➡️ Fans are crazy about their soccer teams and when you add alcohol to that, at times it can get violent. Typically it is not a problem, but just be sure not to agitate any fans and leave the area if a fight does break out.

A Club America match is one of the best soccer games you can attend in Mexico City.

➡️ When a game is over it is typically late at night and very busy. The less amount of time you spend on the street waiting for a ride, the better. We’ve found private cars or Uber to be the safest form of transportation. Upgrading the ride generally gets us out of there much faster.

➡️ Although umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadiums, bringing a poncho or rain jacket is a great idea for possible rain storms and flying beer. When a goal is scored, beer tends to go flying and sometimes other liquids that still smell a lot like beer.

➡️ Food and drinks from outside the stadium are not permitted inside and with only junk food sold in the stadium, its not great for healthy or allergy friendly people. We prefer to find something close to the stadium to eat before going in and our two favorites are Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan (a fancy old villa style restaurant with swans and peacocks roaming the grounds) and Don Eraki (a Mexican Iraqi taco mix).

FAQs About Soccer Games In Mexico City

How Long Is A Professional Soccer Game?

Professional soccer games are a minimum of 90 minutes long with possible added on minutes at each half determined by the referees. Half time lasts for 15 minutes so the entire soccer experience is about 2 hours long.

Who Is The Most Popular Soccer Team In Mexico?

Mexico’s most famous and popular soccer team is Club América. Other teams might disagree but with the most league titles (13), the most CONCACAF titles (7) and the most fans (10 million+), América earns its spot as the best and most popular team in Mexico.

Who Has The Most Wins In Liga MX?

Club América has the most wins in the Liga MX with 13 League Titles. They have also won the Copa Mexico title 6 times and CONCACAF titles 7 times.

Are There Playoffs In Liga MX?

The Liga MX does have playoffs after each season, the apertura and the clausura, so there are two champions per year.

Can I Go To A Soccer Game If I Don’t Know Anything About Soccer?

You can absolutely go to a soccer game and enjoy your time even if you know nothing about soccer. To make it as simple as possible, just pick a side and cheer when they score.

For a little more info on the game, it is very fast paced and only gets stopped for injuries, fouls, substitutions (up to 5) and halftime (15 minutes).

When a player is given a yellow card, that means they’ve been warned and they need to calm down (whether that’s physically or verbally). If they don’t calm down or play dangerously, they can be given a second yellow or a straight red card which means they can no longer play and their team has to play with one less man for the rest of the game.

The only other rule you would want to know about is offsides but it is a little hard to explain with words. But to try to put it simply, if a offensive player is called offsides (the sideline ref will raise their flag straight out in front of them) that means the play does not count because they had an unfair advantage (getting behind the line of defenders, closer to the goal).

Visiting the Club America training facility was one of the best things we did while in Mexico City.

Is Estadio Azteca Closing?

During 2023 the Estadio Azteca will be closing to be renovated for the 2026 World Cup. Estimated renovation times are for about a year and a half.

What Is Soccer Called In Mexico?

Soccer in Mexico is called fútbol.

What Stadium Does Club America Play In?

Club América’s home stadium is the Estadio Azteca but as it undergoes construction next year they will need a new temporary home.

How Many Liga MX Teams Are From Mexico City?

There are three Liga MX (top league) teams that play from Mexico City. Club América, Cruz Azul and Pumas all share Mexico City as their home.

How Much Is A Soccer Game In Mexico? How Much Are Tickets To Estadio Azteca?

The cost of soccer games in Mexico and at Estadio Azteca will differ based on the game, the day, the teams playing and the seats. Low level games with average seats should be anywhere from 100 to 300 pesos or $5 to $15. Big rivalries or important games with closer seating might be upwards of $100.

How Do You Get Soccer Tickets In Mexico City?

Depending on the game you are wanting to see, tickets can be purchased on game day at the stadium or in advance online. The rivalry, more popular and playoffs games will often sell out so these will have to be purchased online.

Where To Find Schedules For Soccer Games in Mexico City

You can find the schedule for Liga MX games through their app or on their site. You can also type into Google “Liga MX schedule” or “Club America Schedule” and results should bring up current schedules and show the location of each game.

Are There Any Pickup Soccer Games I Can Play In Mexico City?

If you’re just visiting the area and trying to find a place to play some pickup soccer it can be kind of difficult because many games aren’t advertised online or they are kind of on a who you know basis.

But luckily there are still a few groups you can find to sign up for online and play while in Mexico City, even if you’re new to soccer.

⚽️ The Facebook group, Football (Soccer) CDMX, plays every Tuesday and Sunday in La Roma and Chapultepec Park, and they are open to both genders.

⚽️ On Meetup you can find the Casual Soccer CDMX group that plays most nights but they do have a small fee to play. They are open for anyone of any skill level and play at locations all over the city (they even have a few other sports on there as well).

⚽️ For just females, the group Meetup de Chicas Amantes del deporte en Ciudad de México plays each Sunday in the Coyoacan area.

If watching soccer makes you want to play, you can pickup soccer games around the city.

Other Soccer Related Activities In Mexico City

If you really get into soccer while in Mexico City, there are a few other soccer related activities you can check out.

🦅🐰🐆 The training facilities for all three teams are in Mexico City and if you get lucky or maybe let them know you are visiting from another country, they may let you inside to watch the practice and possibly meet some players.

You can visit the Club America training facility and if you're lucky, get a chance to go inside and meet the players.

🏟 On off days, you can tour the Estadio Azteca and get access to the field, the locker rooms, the tunnel, and the press room. They offer the tour in both English and Spanish and it costs 150 pesos or $7.50.

➡️ If you want just a quick glimpse of the stadium with stops to UNAM, Coyoacan and Xochimilco, we recommend booking a tour here with Teo Mexico Tours.

When you visit the Estadio Azteca, you can go on a tour that takes you to the lorckerrooms, on the field and more.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️🇲🇽 About an hour and a half north of Mexico City you can visit the Centro Interactivo Mundo Futbol (Interactive Soccer World) in the city of Pachuca, which claims to be the birthplace of soccer in Mexico when it was brought over by English miners in 1900.

For even more on CDMX, check out our Things To Do In Mexico City For A Week post.

Wrap Up: Soccer Games In Mexico City

Soccer is such a huge sport in so many countries around the world and such a good way to experience cultures wherever you go. Soccer games in Mexico City are no different and they are well worth adding to your busy itinerary in this beautiful Mexican city.