Uber is available in the Dominican Republic but some safety precautions should be taken to help you have a safe and fun trip.

Is There Uber In The Dominican Republic? (A Guide By Travel Experts)

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Wondering whether or not Uber is available in the Dominican Republic or if it is a safe transportation option for your next trip to this Caribbean island?

As two female travelers that always search for safe and affordable ways to get around all over the world, we’ve got all the expert details you’ll need to know for your next Dominican vacation!

While there is Uber in the Dominican Republic and it’s typically one of the safer options, there are some situations where you won’t want to use it on the island and some safety precautions you’ll need to know when you do choose to use it.

Our most recent trip to the Dominican Republic gave us the chance to personally experience different transportation options so we can share with you all the details about where Uber is available, if it’s safe, the best airport transportation options, and other alternatives you can use on the island to stay safe and get where you need to go.

➡️ Our Top Pick: Uber is easy to use at the Santo Domingo Airport but the Punta Cana Airport is a different story. It’s technically available but a private airport transfer is a much better and safer option here.

✅ Is There Uber In The Dominican Republic?

There is Uber available in the major cities around the Dominican Republic and aside from a few specific circumstances, it is typically a great transportation option that is both safe and reasonably priced.

But as you would anywhere in the world, you should always be aware and cautious while visiting the Dominican Republic, especially with transportation and especially at night.

👉 Uber Is Available In The Dominican Republic

You can get an Uber ride in many cities like Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.

Does The Dominican Republic Use Lyft?

Unfortunately Lyft is not available in the Dominican Republic as it currently only operates within the United States and Canada. If you prefer Lyft over Uber, you can continue to check their website to see if they ever decide to operate in the Dominican Republic.

📍 Where Is Uber Available In The Dominican Republic?

Officially from Uber’s site, the ride share service is available in seven cities around the Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, La Romana, Santiago, Higuey, and San Pedro de Macoris.

Is There Uber In Punta Cana?

Yes, Uber is available in Punta Cana and it is typically much cheaper than taxi’s, but you may have trouble getting Ubers from the airport (more details on that below), to and from resort hotels (some resorts may not allow it), or on long distance drives between cities (you may have difficulty finding a willing driver).

Is There Uber In Santo Domingo?

Yes, there is Uber in Santa Domingo and it’s typically one of the best ways to get around this city.

✈️ Uber At The Airport In The Dominican Republic

When flying into the Dominican Republic, you’ll likely use either the Punta Cana International Airport or the Las Américas International Airport (in Santo Domingo), but both have different Uber situations you should know before arriving.

Uber is available in the Dominican Republic but some safety precautions should be taken to help you have a safe and fun trip.

Can I Take Uber From Punta Cana Airport?

You can technically take Uber from the Punta Cana Airport, but you should reconsider doing so because it’s not always the safest option.

Upon exiting the inside of the airport, you’ll likely be verbally “attacked” by taxi drivers who do not take kindly to Uber users. Some users have reported scary confrontations with taxi drivers, plus Uber drivers may even refuse to pick you up inside the airport and ask you to walk a good distance to meet them.

❌ Using Uber From The Punta Cana Airport Is Not Worth The Potential Safety Risks

The easiest, cheapest, and safest transportation option from the Punta Cana Airport, is a private transfer where they wait inside the airport doors with a sign specifically for you.

➡️ For a Private Transfer from the Punta Cana Airport, check prices and availability here with Punta Cana Transport.

Can You Take Uber From The Santo Domingo Airport?

As opposed to the Punta Cana Airport, Uber is a lot easier and safer from the Santo Domingo Airport. But you will need data on your phone to order the Uber because although the airport does have wifi, it is not the most reliable.

✅ You Can Use Uber From The Santo Domingo Airport But You Will Need Phone Data

To find your Uber driver at the Santo Domingo Airport, you’ll have to go upstairs to the Departures, but know that you’ll likely still run into taxi drivers hassling you to get into their cars.

If you’re headed to other destinations around the DR from the Santo Domingo Airport, private transfers are the best options.

➡️ For a Private Transfer from Santo Domingo Airport to Punta Cana, check prices and availability here with Punta Cana Transportation.

➡️ For a Private Transfer from Santo Domingo Airport to Puerto Plata, check prices and availability here with Excepcust Tours.

➡️ For a Private Transfer from Santo Domingo Airport to Bayahibe, check prices and availability here with Sol Cana Tours.

A view of the beautiful Dominican Republic from the plane.

⛑ Is Uber Safe In The Dominican Republic?

Other than those issues with taxi drivers, Uber is typically safe in the Dominican Republic but you should still always be cautious and aware no matter where you are in the world.

Below are some tips to help keep you as safe as possible while in transit in the Dominican Republic.

Like you would anywhere in the world, you should take certain safety precautions in the Dominican Republic especially at night.

1. Be A Little Inconspicuous

Like other countries, the Dominican Republic has issues between Uber drivers and Taxi drivers. To avoid as many problems as possible, try not to look like you are waiting on an Uber.

When Taxi drivers approach you (because they will) try telling them you are waiting on your friend or “mi amigo”. Hopefully they will leave you alone after that.

2. Double Check The Name & License Plate

While being as inconspicuous as possible, don’t forget to double check the license plate and the drivers name. And be sure to ask the driver what their name is (como te llamas), so they give you the answer.

If the Uber driver’s info is different than what it says in your app and they try to give you some story (this has happened before), do not get in the car and cancel the ride due to safety concerns.

3. Stick To Populated & Well Lit Areas

When you wait on your Uber driver, especially at night, don’t wait in an isolated or poorly lit area. Stick to the more popular tourist areas that have plenty of people and lots of lights.

4. Share The Ride In The App

Once you’re inside the correct Uber you shouldn’t have any problems, but as an extra safety precaution, send your ride to someone back home.

You can click “share ride” in your app so someone can follow along and have your exact location in case of any issues.

Uber is typically safe in the Dominican Republic but you can still take extra safety precautions.

5. Follow The Ride Yourself

It’s also a good idea to follow along in your app to make sure the driver is headed in the right direction. If they do take a different turn than what shows in your app, don’t be too alarmed because some of them use apps like Waze to get around the traffic.

6. Only Go With Good Drivers

If the driver has poor ratings, it’s much better to cancel and request a new ride. Uber may charge a cancellation fee, but if you’re cancelling because of safety concerns, try contacting them to get that reimbursed.

7. Confirm The End Of The Ride

This is common in some places and has been known to happen in the Dominican Republic so make sure to check that the driver ended the ride in the app. It’s just a scam so they can keep charging you as they drive around town but if it does happen just contact Uber to get that issue resolved.

🚕 Is It Safe To Take A Taxi In The Dominican Republic?

⬇️ Taxi’s in the Dominican Republic can be safe at times, but they really aren’t worth it for a number of reasons: ⬇️

❌ Price ~ They’re More Expensive Than Uber

❌ Quality ~ The Cars Aren’t Usually As Nice As Uber’s

❌ Professionalism ~ Taxi Drivers Can Be Aggressive & Rude

❌ Directions ~ You Have To Speak To The Taxi Drivers Where As With Uber You Input The Address In Your App

❌ Money ~ You Have To Pay The Taxi Drivers And Figure Out Change

If you don't speak Spanish and you want the safest option available, getting private transfers or using Uber is the best option for visiting this Caribbean country.

Are Taxis Expensive In Punta Cana?

In the Dominican Republic, especially Punta Cana, taxi’s are typically much more expensive. In addition to that, the cars are usually in much worse shape and drivers can be a bit aggressive and not very professional.

If you do decide to take a Taxi in the Dominican Republic, be sure not to hail them off of the street but instead order them from reputable taxi companies. There have been instances of theft so also be sure to keep an eye on your things.

How Much Does A Taxi Cost In Dominican Republic?

Whatever Uber estimates for a ride, you can usually double that to get an idea of how much a taxi will cost. You’ll also want to be sure to agree on the price with the driver before driving away.

Do Taxis In Dominican Republic Take US Dollars?

If you are in high tourist areas you will be able to use the US dollar more often. Punta Cana taxi drivers are more likely to accept the US dollar, but drivers in other locations may or may not accept them.

🚌 Is There Public Transportation In The Dominican Republic?

Yes, there is plenty of public transportation available in the Dominican Republic and it is the cheapest way to get around but it is not the best option if you don’t speak Spanish, if you want the safest option, or if you want the cleanest/best quality option.

Public transportation is the cheapest way to get around in the DR but its not the nicest or safest.

What Is A Bus Called In Dominican Republic?

If you do decide to try out the public transportation system in the Dominican Republic, it will be helpful to know that the Dominicans have their own word for bus which is “Guagua” (pronounced like “wawa”).

🚘 Is It Worth Renting A Car In The Dominican Republic?

The roads and highways in the Dominican Republic are actually pretty nice but one of the biggest issues with driving in the country is the very high number of accidents.

If you really want to venture out into the Dominican Republic, you may find renting a car worth it, but you should be a good and defensive driver, have insurance, and consider not driving at night when there are more drunk drivers and poorly lit roads.

🤷‍♀️ Renting A Car In The DR Helps You Explore More Of The Island But It Can Be Dangerous Driving Here

Driving is not the safest in the Dominican Republic.

Is It Safe To Drive In Dominican Republic At Night?

Unfortunately the Dominican Republic has some of the worlds highest car accident rates which doesn’t make driving at night very safe. There can be a lot of drunk drivers on the road as well as dark highways, animals, and reckless drivers.

Can I Drive In Punta Cana With A US license?

You can drive in Punta Cana with a US license during the time of your Tourist Visa.

⭐️ What Is The Best Way To Get Around In The Dominican Republic Besides Uber?

Aside from using Uber, going on a tour is a great option to help you venture further out into the country without having to organize all the details and pay high transportation prices.

One of the best options aside from Uber for venturing around the Dominican Republic is through tours.

⬇️ Top Tours In The Dominican Republic ⬇️

🌆 Santo Domingo Day Trip From Punta Cana

Santo Domingo is an easy day trip from Punta Cana and a must see during your trip to the Dominican Republic since it is the oldest Spanish settlement in the Americas.

➡️ For a Santo Domingo Day Trip from Punta Cana, check prices and availability here with Runners Adventures.

🌳 Outdoor Adventure Tour

If you are a nature and outdoor adventure lover, the area around Punta Cana is the perfect place to visit. There are beautiful beaches, organic farms, and incredible caves and waterfalls.

➡️ For an Outdoor Adventure Trip from Punta Cana, check prices and availability here with Tour Package Punta Cana.

⛰ Montaña Redonda & Costa Esmerelda Tour

To the north of Punta Cana you can find one of the most visited mountains in the country with some of the best nature views. After, you can visit the clear waters of Costa Esmerelda Beach.

➡️ For a Montaña Redonda & Costa Esmerelda Trip from Punta Cana, check prices and availability here with Tour-RD.

🏝 Saona Island Tour

To the southwest of Punta Cana, off the coast you will find the popular Saona Island. If you want a peaceful cruise to a beautiful island, this is the place to visit.

➡️ For a Saona Island Trip from Punta Cana, check prices and availability here with Destination Services Dominican Republic.

Tours are great, safe ways to explore more of the island without having to plan yourself.

Wrap Up: Uber In The Dominican Republic

While you travel around the Dominican Republic, using Uber is one of the best, safest, and cheapest options for transportation. But when you need transportation from the airport, from all inclusive resorts, or when you want to visit other parts of this beautiful Caribbean country, private transfers or guided tours are the best alternative options.