Colombia may not be the healthiest country, but you can still find plenty to vegan food to eat in many cities around the country.

Where To Eat Vegan In Colombia In 2022

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Thinking about visiting Colombia and wondering if it is a good place to find vegan food?

After living and traveling all over the country a few years back and attempting to eat gluten and dairy free during my time there, I can say that it is a bit more expensive and not quite as abundant as it is here in the US but you can definitely still find plenty of vegan options in this South American country.

Where To Eat Vegan In Colombia

Although not a ton of Colombians themselves follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, many cities around the country cater to tourists visiting the area.

Bigger cities will usually have more options to choose from for vegans or vegetarians, but I was pleasantly surprised by the healthy and allergy friendly options available in some of the lesser known cities like Cali, Salento or San Agustín.

Dairy free hot chocolate on a tour in from Medellin.
Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

Where To Eat Vegan In Bogotá Colombia

The capital city of Bogotá is not the most popular destination among Colombians, but I actually loved this city for its fascinating history and cooler weather. You can also find a good number of allergy friendly and vegan restaurants mostly up and down the east side of the city.

🥗 Canela Delicias Veganas ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Cafe Leon ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 De Raíz Cocina Café ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Vegan’us ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Marvelous Vegan Plant Power Food ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Casaloma Veg ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Vegga Pizza ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Vegano la Revolución de la Cuchara ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Veggie Beans and Shakes ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Gori San ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Food

🥗 La Mesa Vegetariana ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Pura Vida Veggie and Vegan ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 The Pot Asian Casual ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Caballete & Berenjena ~ Vegan Burgers

🥗 Herbívoro Cocina Vegana ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Boho Balance ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 La Cocinita Verde ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Maha Vegan Food ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Mercy Vegan Food ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Restaurante Naturalmente Vegano ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Productos Savvy ~ Natural Goods Store

🥗 Quinua Y Amaranto ~ Vegetarian Restaurant with Vegan Options

Where To Eat Vegan In Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is not the healthiest city and does not have any dedicated allergy friendly or vegan restaurants, but you can still find a number of restaurants that have vegan options available on their menu.

🥗 Novo Kebab Grill ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Quero Arepa ~ Vegetarian and Vegan Options

🥗 Café de la Mañana ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Bam’s Burgers ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Pezetarian Cartagena ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Gelato ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Beiyu ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Caffé Lunático ~ Vegan Options

🥗 El Bololó | Bowls del Caribe ~ Vegetarian and Vegan Options

🥗 Gokela ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Fit Choices ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Ely ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Where To Eat Vegan In Cali Colombia

I visited Cali on a day trip from Pereira and was completely surprised by the amount of gluten free and vegan restaurant options available here. Some are spread throughout the city but a majority are situated in the San Antonio and El Peñon neighborhoods.

🥗 Biotienda Al Natural ~ Organic Store

🥗 SanOrganiko ~ Natural Food Store

🥗 HOM STORE Oeste ~ Natural Food Store

🥗 Mascabado Cocina Artesanal y Casa de Té ~ Allergy Friendly and Vegan Options

🥗 Tierra Verde – Sede Oeste ~ Natural Food Store

🥗 VegFit ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 Alma & Café ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Madreselva Vegano ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 La Casona Vegetariana ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 Nutricentro El Vegetariano ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 RESTAURANTE PUNTO VERDE ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 Frutos del Sol Bio-Restaurante ~ Healthier Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 Lalala Foods ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Vegano Flor de Loto ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Dulcinea Café Vintage Restaurante Vegano ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 DomiMangos ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 Restaurante Vegetariano Doña Maria ~ Vegetarian Food

🥗 El Buen Alimento Alquimia Vegetariana ~ Vegetarian Restaurant and Allergy Friendly Options

🥗 Veganos Fusión ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Sanissimo BIO ~ Vegan and Allergy Friendly Options

For more info on Cali Colombia, check our other post here.

Where To Eat Vegan In The Coffee Region

The Coffee Region is one of the most beautiful places in the country that consists of towns like Pereira, Salento, Filandia, Manizales, Armenia and Santa Rosa de Cabal. Aside from Pereira and Salento, there aren’t loads of vegan options but you can still find at least one in each of these towns.

🥗 Filandia ~ Mil De Cilantro, TierraQuerida.Co, Tuk Tuk

🥗 Manizales – Spice, Govindas, Orellana, Shagra, Anaka, Manimez, Verdana Ensaladas, Vega human

🥗 Armenia – Antojos Veganos, Casa Omedeto, Konuko Quindio, Mahavan, Botica Sol

🥗 Santa Rosa de Cabal – Tulasi express

🥗 Salento – Coco Bowl, El Opuesto de Salento, Serendipia Salento, Brunch de Salento, Cumana Bistro Food, Etnia Arte y Sabor, Meraki, Tepuy

🥗 Pereira – Cherry’s Cocina, Delhi Comida Vegana, El Enebro, Gigi’s Plant Based, Semillas Comida Sana, Almendra, Burger Green, Govindas, La 23 Restaurante Vegetariano, Shagra, Adelitas, Bak and Veg, Kumari Vida, Mundo Ecovital

The Coffee Region surprisingly has a decent number of allergy friendly places even in some of the smaller towns.

Where To Eat Vegan In Guatapé

Guatapé is one of the most popular day trip destinations from Medellín and is frequently visited by foreign tourists. For this reason there are loads of healthy and vegan food options in this tiny little town.

🥗 At The Farm Vegan Restaurant ~ Vegan Restaurant surrounded by Nature

🥗 Restaurante Vegano Zona Prosalud ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Namasté Vegan Food ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Koi Cocina Asiatica ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Options

🥗 Vegan Café Retro ~ Vegan Food Including Vegan Desserts

🥗 Eco Hostel Medellin ~ Hostel with Vegan Cooking Classes and Healthy Organic Food from a Fresh Vegetable Garden

🥗 The Snuggly Duckling ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Guatacrep‘ ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Options

🥗 Restaurante Tolú ~ Vegan Options

Where To Eat Vegan In Medellín Colombia

The most vegan friendly city in the country is by far Medellín. Visiting this city will give you the most choices when it comes to vegan, allergy friendly and healthy food. Restaurants are spread all throughout the city but the most concentrated vegan area in Medellín is the neighborhood of Poblado.

🥗 Lenteja Express ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 INA Restaurante ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Alma Natura ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Ceres Organic Market ~ Health Food Store

🥗 Betty’s Bowls ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Paleo Market – Mercado Saludable ~ Natural Food Store

🥗 Naturalia Café ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Options

🥗 Saludpan ~ Allergy Friendly and Vegan Options

🥗 Fresco ~ Allergy Friendly and Vegan Options

🥗 Bob & Sue ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Taco Veg ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Restaurante Justo ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Veg Station ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Restaurante Kai ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Helecho Vegan Sushi ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Food

🥗 AMA – Restaurante Vegano-Café-Mercado Orgánico ~ Organic Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Vegan & Veggie ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Dharma Vegan Resto & Cafe ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Vivo Live Food ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 El Vegano Andante ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Las Veganas Restaurant ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Veggie Life ~ Vegetarian and Vegan Food

🥗 El Arbol de la Vida ~ Vegan Restaurant

🥗 Vegantopía Live Foods ~ Vegan Restaurant with Changing Menu

🥗 Shottas Medellín Vegan Food ~ Vegan Empanadas

🥗 Oh! Food ~ Vegan Restaurant

Where To Eat Vegan In Pasto Colombia

Pasto is the largest city in the southwest section of the country. Unfortunately there aren’t loads of vegan options to choose from but you can still find a few dedicated vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Pasto.

🥗 Restaurante Vegetariano ALLULLAS ~ Vegetarian and Vegan Food

🥗 Gira El Sol ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 La Huerta del Chef ~ Vegetarian and Vegan Food

Where To Eat Vegan In Popayán

Popayán is one of the much less traveled cities by foreigners in Colombia but this religious center is still worth a visit. You shouldn’t need too many days to explore the city and surrounding area, but you will be able to find a good number of vegan and vegetarian food in the city.

🥗 Restaurante Comida Sana ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Food

🥗 CoffeeGreen Ecotienda ~ Healthy Coffee Cafe

🥗 Restaurante Vegetariano Mana ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 MoraCastilla ~ Vegetarian Options

🥗 Restaurante Vegetariano Delicias Naturales ~ Vegetarian and Vegan Food

🥗 Deleite Vegetariano ~ Vegetarian and Vegan Food

🥗 Pita ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Options

🥗 Restaurante Carmina ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Popayan is a much less traveled destination in Colombia but one that is definitely worth visiting.

Where To Eat Vegan In San Agustín Colombia

San Agustín is not the easiest place to get to, but the archeological history and beautiful nature make it worth visiting. Thanks to loads of foreign tourists, a few vegan or vegetarian spots have popped up.

🥗 Bici Cafe ~ Vegan Cafe

🥗 Massalafood ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 Fonte Cafe ~ Vegetarian Options

🥗 El Faro Ambrosia ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Arlequin ~ Vegetarian And Vegan Burgers

🥗 Ecotienda Alimentación Consciente ~ Organic Food Store

🥗 SiembraSur ~ Organic Food Store

Where To Eat Vegan In Santa Marta Colombia

Santa Marta sits on the north coast of the country with a decent number of allergy friendly and vegan food options.

🥗 Govindas ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Food

🥗 Ikaro Cafe ~ Vegan, Vegetarian and Organic Coffee Shop and Cafe

🥗 Lulo Cafe Bar ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Reserva Biologica Caoba ~ Hotel surrounded by Nature with Vegetarian Options

🥗 Hestia Restaurante Cafe ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Options

🥗 Restaurante Vegetariano Santa Marta ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Food

🥗 Maharaja India Restaurante ~ Vegan Options

🥗 Biosaludable Santa Marta (Restaurante Vital) ~ Vegan and Vegetarian Food

🥗 V-Haku Vegan Food ~ Vegan Restaurant


Where To Eat Vegan In Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a small town, about three hours north of Bogotá, but they still have a few vegan options to choose from.

🥗 La Dicha Chibcha ~ Vegetarian Restaurant

🥗 Dónde Juan K y Diego ~ Vegan Options

🥗 El Divino ~ Vegan Burger Options

🥗 La Maria Bistro ~ Vegan Pizza Options

🥗 Tienda Vegana Tahini ~ Natural Goods Store

🥗 El Patio Villa de Leyva ~ Vegan Options

Eating Vegan Outside Major Cities In Colombia

As we mentioned earlier, eating vegan in the larger cities like Bogotá, Cali and Medellín will definitely provide you with more options to choose from but you really shouldn’t miss out on all the other amazing places to visit outside of these major cities.

Surprisingly, many of the smaller cities around Colombia do have a few vegan or vegetarian places to eat at thanks to the number of foreign visitors they get to the area.

Trying a vegan tamale on a tour in Popayan Colombia.

In addition to finding restaurants to eat at, you can also check for organic or natural goods stores in some cities. If there aren’t any of these available where you are, you can also check stores like Exito (the most popular grocery store, like Walmart) or Jumbo (more like Target with more international imports).

It is also always a good idea to bring what you can with you. My go to foods to bring in case I don’t have anything to eat are cooked Organic Microwaveable Brown Rice with Organic Black Beans (adding avocado once I get there), and a Microwaveable Organic Quinoa, Brown Rice and Lentil Blend.

Can You Be Vegan In Colombia?

Although it may not be as healthy or allergy friendly as locations like the United States or Europe, you can definitely still travel to Colombia as a vegan and find plenty of places to eat all over the country.

Is Colombia Good For Vegetarians?

Of course if there are plenty of vegan options in this South American country, that means that there are plenty of vegetarian options as well. The country itself may not be full of vegetarians but thanks to tourism, Colombia is good for vegetarians and vegans!

Tips (+Spanish Help) For Eating Vegan In Colombia

✔️ Vegan is more expensive ~ The cost of eating in the country is relatively cheap but you will spend more money on the healthy, allergy friendly or vegan meals or restaurants. This includes higher prices for vegan products in the store.

✔️ Imported products are more expensive ~ Both Jumbo and Exito (large grocery stores) usually contain some allergy friendly or vegan selections but if they are imported from other countries, they will be significantly more expensive.

✔️ How to say Vegan and Vegetarian in Spanish ~
Vegan = Vegano or Vegana
Vegetarian = Vegetariano or Vegetariana.

✔️ How to ask restaurants about Vegan options in Spanish ~

“¿Tienes comida vegana?” (Do you have vegan food?)

“¿Hay comida vegana en el menú?” (Is there vegan food on the menu?)

“¿El restaurante tiene comida vegana?” (Does the restaurant have vegan food?)

“¿Este plato es vegano?” (Is this dish vegan?)

“¿Puedes hacerlo vegano?” (Can you make it vegan?)

“No puedo comer ningún producto animal o productos hechos de animales.” (I can’t eat any animal products or products made from animals.)

Visiting the beautiful 17th century monastery outside of Villa de Leyva.

The Best Places To Visit In Colombia

Colombia is full of amazing places with incredible views, welcoming people, awesome outdoor activities and so much more. If you’re having trouble deciding where to visit, check our posts on the 15 Most Beautiful Places in Colombia and Is Colombia Worth Visiting for some help, but below are a few quick suggestions.

🌃 The Best City To Visit In Colombia ~ Bogotá or Medellín. Most prefer Medellín but I personally loved Bogotá.

The Best Nature Place To Visit In Colombia ~ The Coffee Region. The cities of Salento and Filandia were my personal favorite nature destinations in Colombia.

🛕 The Best Historic Place To Visit In Colombia ~ San Agustín. The history here dates back thousands of years to a civilization that existed before the Incas in Peru.

😍 The Cutest Town To Visit In Colombia ~ Villa de Leyva. This colonial town is the most charming in Colombia with its cobble stone streets and white washed buildings. They also have Mesozoic history here from the discovery of Dinosaur fossils.

Wrap Up: Where To Eat Vegan In Colombia

Despite the country’s cuisine not being super healthy or the most allergy friendly, thanks to the tourism of foreign travelers, vegetarian and vegan eaters can easily travel in Colombia and find plenty of places to eat. You may not be able to try very many typical Colombian dishes, but you’ll be able to find vegan restaurants in even some of the smallest towns.